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Celebrating Día de los Muertos @ National Museum of Mexican Art




Join us Oct 30th, as we celebrate Día de los Muertos by transforming the Museum and its surroundings into a beautiful space to remember our loved ones.

On this special day, guests can enjoy ofrendas created by community members, live musical performances, art activities, and a large illuminated ofrenda projected outside of the museum.

More information on the event:

Here is all you need to know about visiting the museum:

National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W 19th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

The plan for the visit is:

Meet at 3:00PM in front of the museum
3:15PM We'll stroll through the existing exhibitions
4:00PM Meet by the exit
4:00-5:00 Let's enjoy live musical performances, art exhibits and ofriendas outside the museum (please dress appropriately for the weather)

See you soon!

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