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Camping and Hiking Weekend at Indiana Dunes



Welcome to Pine Point's first camping trip of the season!

Just an hour and half drive from Chicago, the Indiana Dunes National Park allows you to to escape the busy city and unwind, hike, bike and sleep under the stars. We will be camping at the largest campground in the Indiana Dunes State Park, that has everything you need for comfortable camping. There are also heated restrooms and shower houses, a playground, handicap accessibility, and pet-friendly walking paths. The State Park Campground has direct access to the dunes. A short hike on Trail 4 will lead you to the top of Mt. Tom, the tallest dune in Northwest Indiana at 192 feet.


Here is a difference between Indiana Dunes National Park versus State Park:

Biking Trails:

$$$ includes campsite reservation & activity planning & trail maps:


Tentative Agenda:

  • FRIDAY: arrivals, meet & greet at fire pit, BYO wine/beer tasting

  • SATURDAY: hike/bike/paddle, trip to European market )(, finish off your day the fire pit

  • SUNDAY: hike/bike/paddle & return home


Here is a great article on 61 things you can do in Indian Dunes:

To help you better prepare for camping, REI pulled together a comprehensive checklist of camping essentials:


Beginning March 31st, 2022 Indiana Dunes National Park will require an entrance pass. The entrance fee is $25 for a non-commercial family-sized passenger vehicle or $15 per-person for walk-in / bike-in / boat-in. The Indiana Dunes National Park Annual pass is $45 and is good for a family for one year.


Spots are limited, payment guarantees your spot. Please comment on meet up comments with any questions.


Happy Camping!

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