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Memorial Day Camping near Bourbon Trail, KY

Picture of a river


Welcome to Pine Point's first camping trip of the season! More description to come soon.

The Taylorsville Lake State Park, KY is located west of Lexington and southeast of Louisville, Kentucky, and encompasses some of the most beautiful areas for hiking, kayaking, biking, and more! A 24-mile trail system caters to hikers, bikers, and equestrians.

Did I mention the campground is located nearby the (in) famous Bourbon Trail:

Park's Map:

Dam at the Taylorsville Lake:

Taylorsville Lake is located on the Salt River beginning at river mile 78 about 5 miles west of Glensboro and extends downstream to the dam at river mile 60. The Lake is 18 miles long and extends into portions of Spencer, Nelson, and Anderson Counties of Kentucky. The dam is located about 20 miles from Exit 23 on the Gene Snyder in Louisville and about 50 miles from southwest Lexington.

Spots are limited - max 20 people. We will be staying at the group site and the campground has a cap on the number of site participants as well as a number of tents (therefore a question about the number of folks per tent).

Detailed agenda to come soon, the price is per person and includes a camping spot for 3 nights as well as firewood, to keep the fire going for 3 nights. Payment guarantees the spot, and refunds are processed, once the trip hits 20 participants.

*if you are a Pine Point annual member, we already have your application and the trip price is $40.
*if you haven't camped with us before: welcome! The price is $45 (and it includes a $40 fee + $5 summer membership). We organize 3 camping trips per season, and you pay for the summer membership only once per season. To sign up for your first camping trip with Pine Point, make your payment and fill out a membership form: (mark summer membership) The form can be e-mailed to club's e-mail address:


To secure your spot, send your payment electronically to Pine Point via Zelle to "" Otherwise, pay in person at our monthly meeting:

Feel free to post your questions in the comments on meetup or message me directly.


Happy Camping!

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