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Fire spinning performer


I've been going to Fire Jams for 12 years and I have to say, this is one truly unique event. It's basically a Luau with a Chicago twist, and no long flight to Hawaii. It's become a tradition for me.


Scheduled to coincide with the FULL MOON, these fire spinning performers are incredibly talented and athletic. The Costumes are equally interesting. Burning items are spun rapidly by hands, feet, legs, necks and other body parts. And there are real FIRE BREATHERS! It's a great opportunity for photographers to play with light and exposure. And the drummers give this event a very primitive, raw, tribal feel to it. Don't be afraid to HOWL! if you feel the urge.

It's a FREE event that' is both


It's a PICNIC on the grass of the soccer fields just south of Foster and the ariticial turf soccer field near Foster Avenue.

Bring your own blankets, lawn chairs, food and refreshments. It is a Chicago City Park District area so all rules for such areas apply. See below.


I will arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 to get a good spot for the group. We will be along the WEST side of the performer's space (looking EAST towards the lake), as close to the rope as we can get. This is the best views but also means staying low with on the ground seating so as not to block the view for others behind us. It also allows us the best view of the MOONRISE!
I will message attendees the day of the event with a number to help locate the group. If you arrive late after dark it's harder to find us.




Lake Shore Drive North to either Lawrence or Foster then east to Simmonds Drive. Look for parking, Location is north of Lawrence and south of Foster and the Foster Ave artificial turf soccer field.


The Lake Path will take you right to it, north of Lawrence or South of Foster. If you're on the walking part of the path you will see the pedestrian Lake Shore Drive underpass for Argyle Ave, the Jam is immediately on your right. If your'e on the bike part of the path, look for an asphalt spur going west and the three tree stumps carved to look like praying hands, you're there when you see them.


Take the RED LINE TO the ARGYLE station. Lawrence Ave station is competely closed for renovations, ARGYLE station is open. Walk EAST on Argyle from the station until you get to Marine Ave. Then walk into the park with baseball diamonds, look for the Lake Shore Drive lighted pedestrian underpass and that will put you right at the Jam after you exit.


Full Moon Jams & Park District Policies:
• Family-Friendly
• Leave No Trace (help us clean up)
• Be Respectful and Inclusive
• No alcohol or illegal substances
• No flash photography
• No open flames, tiki torches, floating lanterns, or fireworks
• No weapons
• No lasers
• No drones
• No glass
• No bright lights (must face away from the fire circle and the crowd)
• No amplified sound over 90 decibels
• Protect The Community
• Protect The Jams
If you see anyone not adhering to these policies or creating a disturbance, please find an event organizer (by the south end of the Jam) and let us know so we can help out.

We can't wait to dance with you all again under the moonlight this summer and want to thank you all for helping to keep this magical tradition alive for so many years!



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