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Summer Picnic - Live Music - Membership & Trips Open Day



Join for a picnic on the beach and learn more what Pine Point has in store for you for the upcoming 2023-2024 season! Get a recap of the last season and learn about the upcoming trips.

Chat with former, present, and future Pine Pointers and meet club's Board; we are looking forward to meeting you in person!

We are going to meet on the beach by the Montrose Harbor Dock (east side of the dock - beach side) and enjoy live music by, Pine Point's own, The Jetstar 88s:

Look for Pine Point banner!

Grab a swim suite, blanket, beach chair, put your dancing shoes on, and let's have a great evening! You are welcome to bring your own dish or stop by for the dinner and cocktail at the Dock:

Be sure to check out the Montrose Beach regulations below and see you soon!

Pine Point Board

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