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Dragon Boat Tryout on Chicago River

Dragon Boat on Chicago river


Have you ever wondered what Dragonboating is all about?

Now is your chance to find out. Come down to the Chicago River and join the Greater Chicago Dragon Boat Team for an evening of exploration and trying out Dragonboating. Come see what all the fuss is about!

There is room for 8 Pine Pointers on the 20 person Dragonboat, the rest of the seats are filled by Greater Chicago Dragonboat Team club team members.

We only have one 20 person boat at that location, so if you sign up be sure you come, otherwise you are taking a seat away from someone else who would have been there. If you signed up and later find you cannot attend please cancel to free up your spot, we only have 8 spots available for this event.


You will need to sign an insurance waiver, Here is the link:


About location:
Greater Chicago Dragon Boat Club is located on the river side of the Blick/ Old Navy/ Backcountry parking lot. There are stairs near Blick to get down to the boathouse - Do NOT Park in that parking lot! They are particular about it. I have always found free street parking on the street nearby. The Redline goes relatively close by, and there are busses. Google is your friend on this one.

The club has paddles and life jackets for you to borrow, If you have your own life jacket feel free to bring it. Paddling is about an hour on the water, allow a total of 2 hours to be safe.


What to wear and what to bring:
If it is warm: quick dry shorts/leggings, Tshirt, and shoes that can get wet; tennis shoes or water shoes work well, ball cap, sunglasses. If it is cold and rainy – add a fleece/sweatshirt and breathable water resistant jacket, water resistant pants if you desire. A change of clothes for after if we get soaked. Bring a water bottle.

You get great views of the Chicago skyline from the water – It will reinvorgorate your sense of awe for this wonderful city we live in!

Lets plan on dinner and a drink afterwards.



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