Square Roots Craft Brew and Music Festival Sun July 15 2019




Time: 4:00-10:00 pm

4400 N Lincoln Ave.

Come check out some great music. 
We will be at the South Stage to see a couple bands:

Beach Slang -- Rock -- 5:30 - 6:30
Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly.


For all the volume and the fuzz and the fury, Beach Slang is a band for sloppy romantics who got there the hard way ("I still taste you in the ash / of every cigarette you kill," sings Alex). And that's how the band wants it: "Whether this Beach Slang thing flies or falls," says Alex, "we want to know that we put everything into it. We're a rock and roll band; we make records and we tour. We want to sweat it and bleed it. We want to do it like the bands we love and respect did it.”

Los Vicios de Papa -- Latin Ska -- 7:15 - 8:30

Chicago’s own Los Vicios de Papá is a high energy Latin ska fusion band with socially conscious lyrics stemming from their struggling and undocumented youth experience. Their sound started with a passion for ska/reggae and has evolved into an 8 piece band that arranges cumbia, dancehall, huapachon, hip hop, reggae and ska creating an intoxicating mix that ignites fans into a dance-frenzy.