2016/17Western Trips

Thank you for considering joining us on the Western Trip!

Pine Point Ski Club Western Trip Policies

The following Mid - Western trip policies have been established in accordance our bylaws.  They were set up by the Board to cover general situations.  Special circumstances can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
You must be a Member for the current year to go on a Western trip. 

Trip Capacity Changes

Pine Point reserves the right to change the capacity of a trip at any time.  The Board may approve trip size reductions or trip cancellations to limit losses on partially filled trips.

Payments / Late Fees

The deadline dates in our schedule were based on the payment deadlines set by the tour operators.  A $40 late fee will be charged for missed payments.  In addition, if you are not paid in full by the final payment date, your slot on the trip is subject to reassignment.  Pine Point reserves the right to cancel the reservation of any individual who is not fully paid by the final payment date.  This means money in hand with Western Sign-Ups person by the final date, not thrown in the mail at the last minute.  Trip Leaders will collect late fees, at the airport, if necessary.


Wait Lists

When all the slots on a trip have been filled, a wait list will be started.  To be officially placed on the wait list, you must pay all the trip payments due by that date.  Checks will not be cashed unless you get on the trip.  Late fees that accrue after payment of the deposit will be waived for one week after you have been notified of an opening on the trip. Some people ask to be placed on the wait list without making any payments; that is their choice.  However, if someone else submits a deposit, that person will move ahead of anyone on the list that has not paid a deposit.


The minimum cancellation fee is $40.  Any penalties or losses incurred by Pine Point, up to and including the full price of the trip will be charged back to the canceling individual.  All the slots on a trip must be filled before a cancellation will be considered fully replaced (some penalties, like airline ticket name changes, still apply).

Trip Leaders

The main responsibility of a Trip Leader is to make sure the trip runs as smoothly as possible.  Each trip should have at least one experienced Trip Leader to handle the administrative tasks – sending out trip information letters, passing out airline tickets, managing room and bus arrangements, arranging social events and dinner nights, and handling any unforeseen problems that occur during the trip.  All Trip Leaders will receive a general job description along with the specific details of the trip.  Per the by-laws, Trip Leaders receive a discount of the standard trip price (does not include optional extensions). All Trip Leaders must travel with the main group.  Trip Leaders do not receive compensation (as part of our Non-Profit status), but they do get a discount off the price of the trip.  
Why all the fuss? 
These rules and guidelines are meant to be fair for everyone and to encourage people to sign up earlier rather than later.  Please contact a Board Member if you have any questions.